Read our blogs! We have been blogging for a while

Read our blogs! We have been blogging for a while

By: Evelin

2. Jun 2020

As a result of Horizon 2020 projects (CoCA and Eat2BeNICE), we have been blogging about our findings and other interesting topics. The first blog was Triin Kurrikoff’s “Is there an entrepreneur gene?“, where she writes about ADHD-related genes and how COMT gene affects enterprising positions.

If you want to know more about aggression and how genes and environment affects it, you can read Mariliis Vahts’ posts “Are you genetically determined to act aggressively?” and “How genes and environment influence aggression – a history of violence“.

Urmeli Joost, Inga Villa, Margus Kanarik and Katrin Tomson-Johanson have all blogged about health and our eating behaviours: “Insulin resistance at a young age predicts metabolic problems later in life“, “What makes us crave junk food?“, “Low cholesterol levels in boys predict impulsivity in adult men” and many more.

You can read more blogs from our partners, when you visit Mind the gap blog and New Brain Nutrition blog. And also visit the dictionary, that helps you learn quickly and read more about the topics that we have helped to contribute.